12 February 2007

Back from Guatemala

Yes, Risa, I was in textile heaven, but no, I didn't get any pics. I did, however, buy a bag, a shawl, a pen case, and a blanket for our new bed, so you can see some stuff when you visit.
Overall, Guatemala was a textile disappointment because I had no time to really explore. I'll have to make sure that I have another trip sometime soon with some more free time.

Before going, however, my husband came to visit me and we went up the TeleferiQuo, Quito's cable car, to the top of one of the mountains to the west of the city. I, of course, took my knitting, and below are some pics of me knitting pretty much as close to the sun as you can knit.

This is my Yummy Scarf. It is just a reversible scarf pattern, but the yarns, ah, the yarns. It is knit in blank mohair and a silk-rayon blend, both of which I forget the names of, but knitting it was a dream. A hat to match is in the works, but trapped in my stash in the States.

The next photos are of me knitting a sock at the top of the teleferico ride.

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risa said...

these pictures are great! next time we hang out i wanna see the gutamela blanket and the miami vice bathroom. :)