26 June 2007

The Eagle has Landed!

My stash (along with the rest of our earthly belongings, but we all know what is most important) has arrived unscathed! It traveled the sea, through the Panama Canal, and then the road from Guayaquil and not a thing was broken.


Check this out for laughs:

13 June 2007

Spider silk sometime soon for knitting?

This article is really cool -- I know that it isn't about knitting per se, but just imagine the possibilities! What if we could knit with spider silk? How freakin' cool would that be?

11 June 2007

Cuenca and Recife

Cuenca is beautiful and definitely worth a trip. Unfortunately, I don't have any yarn-store tips for you, since we were there for the art (the Bienal de Cuenca) and the romance (Joe's first not-tired-from-the-altitude weekend). Next time, I promise.
Here, a picture of the socks so far. Yes, it is the same sock yarn that I was knitting before, the Austermann Step. I didn’t like the first sock, so I started over. The first sock was my first top-down sock, and it just didn’t work for me. So, now I’m doing a toe-up, 2x1 ribbed version with a slip-stitch heel. I like them a lot.

Let’s see… The baby blanket (that yellow crochet thing I was working on) went over well, even though I made some modifications. I used the Tirmasu blanket pattern as an inspiration. It went fast and was really easy.

No real yarn shopping for a while. I was hoping to go on Saturday, but someone didn’t appear at the agreed-upon place at the agreed-upon time, so that didn’t happen. I have plenty of yarn in the stash, though, after my shopping when I was in B’more recently, and the rest of my stash should be showing up in Quito sometime next week! So, I really don’t need any more yarn.

Right now, I’m in the São Paulo airport, waiting (probably in vain) for my flight to Recife, where I’ll be for the week for work. Last week, I had some issues getting my visa for Brazil, now I’m having some issues getting to my destination. It appears that there is an Air Traffic Controllers’ strike, so everyone’s flights are delayed. Thankfully, I met up with a very friendly guy from Ghana, which is making it a bit more fun.

Just as I wrote that last sentence, they announced our flight. I arrive this morning at 4:30 Recife time. Ugh. At least I could sleep for a bit, because we had no important morning meetings.

Anyway, as you can see from this picture, I’m making headway on the sock. My favorite part is the heel, which is coming up in about ½ inch, and from there it should go pretty fast. I also have some Opal sock yarn with me, which is washable blue self-patterning stuff, and should be very nice.

I’m going to try to post again on the sock progress this week while I’m here, but, being so close to the beach, I’m not guaranteeing anything.

08 June 2007

Interim Post!

I promise that I will post pics of my latest project and a bit about Cuenca this weekend. In the meantime, I'm stealing a trick from Wendy, and I'm going to answer a question from the comments:

Yes, J, you can contact me about development work whenever you want to. The email is lanapuraquito at gmail dot com. I'm a jaded and not entirely optimistic development worker, so do take that into account. Let me know if you need contacts/info about Peru. I loved Lima, and can't wait to get back there!

01 June 2007