15 January 2007

Getting the Scent

Today while I was working on some things here at home, the maid came in to clean my apartment. She complimented my knitting (a strip for an Aran afghan), so I asked her if she knew where to buy yarn in Quito. She did! I hope.

Apparently, one can buy yarn somewhere in the old town section, near the Santo Domingo church and up Calle Flores to the Teatro Sucre and to the east. I didn't see anything when I was there the other day, but I was very preoccupied with not being robbed. She suggested that I not take a purse at all, but just stick my ID and money in various pockets and my bra when I go down there, and to take the trolleybus.

This weekend, I will. And I'll drag Joe along. Woohoo!

Also, sorry for the lack of photos. I don't have the cable to hook up my camera. When I do, you will see pics, I promise.


hojasdegracia said...

Thank you, thank you for starting this blog! I look forward to reading about what you find in Old Town. I too am a knitter in Quito and have also been looking for yarns but don't speak spanish as well as it appears you do.

I have found several shops that sell yarn but mostly acrylic although I have seen some rayon/viscose, cotton, possibly silk and novelty like Fun Fur. The best shop so far is El Bazar on Luis Cordero between Juan Leon Mera and Reine Victoria. The other shop that looked promising is in the Inaquito mall near the north entrance outside a big department store that I'm afraid I don't remember the name of.

hojasdegracia said...

I neglected to mention that the store El Bazar is in the Mariscal District and the Inaquito mall is on the on the corner of Amazonas and Av. Naciones Unidas... near the NW corner of the Parque La Carolina.

I also felt the same about the items for sale in El Ejido. I did notice when I looked closer that some booths had some finer woven scarves and such.