22 December 2008

Loaves and fishes knitting

Now, everyone knows I'm not a religious person. Nonetheless, I'm hoping for a knitting miracle right now. I'm working on a hat for a friend for Christmas, and I'm perilously low on yarn. I used the same yarn to make her hand warmers, which is why the quantity is limited. Cross your fingers that I don't run out!

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Lightning said...

Hi DamselFish - I travel to SA (right now mostly La Paz and Lima) for my knitwear design job and so it is that I will go to Lima next week for the Peru Moda show. All this is to introduce the question - where do you recommend going - fiber-related or otherwise - while in Lima? I somehow lucked-out and my trip coincides with a Peruvian Paso horse festival, and I really love museums with ceramics and historic textiles, and of course hand made things in yarn are great. I have done some scouting on the internet for the more obvious museums and such - I'm looking for "secret", wonderful, and surprising things that the average tourist might not see. One other thing - I am travelling alone and don't speak a lot of Spanish... I know, crazy. That's what my business trips are like! Any food or drink or music you thought was worthy of a look? I'm only there for 4 days. Thanks in advance for any insight! Very interesting blog. Kristen findslade at gmail dot com