05 April 2007

Math and knitting

Exhibit A: proof that I can do math when assisted by technology.

As my colleagues and those who go out to eat with me know, math in my head is not a talent that I have. Inevitably, I will get things as simple as 10% of 100 wrong. Therefore, I had no faith in my ability to figure out knitting math in my head unassisted.

To the rescue: one very awesome Motorola Pebl phone in the blue color, and its very helpful calculator.

The pic shows the alpaca swill I bought in Bolivia in the process of becoming a boat-necked tank top. I had to double it because it was too fine to knit even with size 1 needles. That made me annoyed, but so far, so good. In spite of the overpowering smell of patchouli on that stuff. Yuck.

Yarn shopping in Lima update: I got a lead from our receptionist about where I could potentially buy yarn here in Lima, but will not be able to do so until the 15th or thereabouts (payday). I bought my ticket to the States today, so I have no money, and plus it is a holiday here until after Easter.

However, I did check out a place on Avenida Larco that I found the last time I was here. It is closed like every other store that I actually want to go to, but I wasn't that disappointed. Really, I just wanted to get a pic of the inside and some prices so that I could complain to you, dear reader, how overpriced the place is and how it smacks of serious economic injustice. Lucky for Alpaca 859, they were closed.

Pen Pal Project update: I'm almost done my first letter to my pen pal! Very exciting.

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