01 March 2007

Yarn at Megamaxi

I can't find the reciept from the store to let you know the name, but there is a store in the Megamaxi on 6 de Diciembre (parking garage side, by the tailor) that sells yarn. Unfortunately, they only sell acrylic. They do have some novelty yarns, though, for those of you who like that sort of thing. The woman working there was unable to tell me why they didn't carry wool. If I go back and see someone else there, I'll ask again. This aversion to the most fantasic commonly available fiber for textiles is a mystery to me.

They also carry embroidery floss, thread, and other things you need for sewing, including a limited selection of patterns.

Hojasdegracia -- I see your comments, and will check out the places you mention when I get a chance.

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hojasdegracia said...

I am as puzzled as you about the lack of wool yarns. I did get to Manos de Hada on friday. They do have a good selection of fancy yarns.

In my search for lana natural or lana lana I found a 50/50 bulky wool cotton in natural colors in Otavalo at Hilo Lana, an alpaca garment shop on the corner of Sucre and Morales. Also a large shop on Montavalo directly across the square from the municiple building. I didn't go in there as my spanish skills are poor and you have to ask at a small counter for what you want instead of browsing. Its set up more for wholesale purchasing.

I also found the largest shop I've seen yet in Quito on the edge of Old Town. If you take the trolley south on 6 de Agusto and get off at the Banco Central stop, the shop is right there. I don't remember the name but you can't miss it. Almost all the yarn is acrylic or orlon (some cotton and what looked like rayon/viscose) but they have the nicest solids and space dyed worsted weight acrylic I've seen. Hard to tell from wool by looking. They also had a nice 70/30 bulky alpaca/acrylic yarn made in Peru. As a bonus the gentleman working there spoke english fairly well.

And the search continues...